Language Quiz / Mega Word Ladder: What Comes Next? II

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Can you name the four-letter answers in this word ladder to figure out the theme?

Quiz Updated Nov 9, 2016

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Sporcle specialty
Voluntarily leave a job
French 'eight'
Pursue prey
Use the car horn
Pawn off
'____-a-bye Baby'
Triangle in a pool hall
Bulletin board fastener
Communicate verbally
Polio vaccine developer
Department store event
Two sides of the ____ coin
Sporcle specialty
One of many departure points in
an airport
Capital of Togo
Baserunner's destination
Improve, as a skill
1st word of a Margaret Mitchell novel title
Percussion instrument with a mallet
Like a four-hour movie
The ____ Ranger
What a heart signifies
Happening right now
Cinq or fünf
Bona ____ (in good faith)
Sunny ____ up
Another name for crib death
Disney target audience
Brand of sneakers
Actor Beatty and TV neighbor Flanders
The first 'N' of CNN
Church benches
Little Bo ____
Alarm clock noise
Salad vegetable
Policeman's assigned route
Schooner e.g.
Layer of paint
Online 'room'
Burn the surface of
____-Pei (dog breed)
Fly high
Lion warning
Tree anchor
Black stuff on Santa's suit
Immunization e.g.
Word that can follow all of the marked clues

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