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Can you name the word pair that is only different if you switch two consecutive letters?

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ClueWord PairClue
Reagan's predecessorMoon blemish
Slowing down in a carMaking dog noises
Class taught by Severus SnapeChoices
'Funky Cold _____': Tone LōcSpace on a highway that separates opposing traffic
Having little or no clarityWord before fusion or fission
Cousins of the otter known for their valuable furCapital of Belarus
More than enoughCommon syrup
Grain that serves as a base malt for beerBy the skin of one's teeth
One who sings like Bing Crosby or Perry ComoOne who works with corpses
Having individually distinct sectionsShowing prudence in one's conduct
How Colonel Sanders likes his chickenPulled the trigger
1/60 of an hourSlow dance in triple meter
Khmer ____Anna Paquin's character in X-Men
Went to bed for the nightDid a do-over
French pancake1992 Radiohead hit single
Most uncommonRead someone the Miranda Rights
Brother of PolluxLongtime Cuban leader
The Bastille's cityLewis & Clark and Sonny & Cher e.g.
Card game in which one can 'shoot the moon'Patty who was kidnapped by the
Symbionese Liberation Army
'Family Guy' dogWhere to find the hippocampus and hypothalamus
Been _____ done thatNumber of musketeers or little pigs
Maid _____ (Robin Hood's love)Place to moor one's yacht
Gases on the right of the periodic tableInventor of dynamite
What carpet cleaner is meant to remove'Nights in White _____': The Moody Blues

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