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What trick-or-treaters seekCome back down to earth
New Testament's opposite, for shortHi!
Stuart Little or Fievel e.g.It's a ____! (Admiral Ackbar)
Pixar film featuring many balloonsA dictionary is full of them
_____ the dotsQuattre or vier
Your ____ is as good as mineOwl's question
Having less hair than beforeQuick sprint
What green means, in trafficPescetarian's meal
Like coffee with no creamBeanstalk climber
Sean Connery's homeland3 feet
Who a genie is beholden to'____ your manners'
Three strikes equals thisWhat a bubble does
Something a detective searches forRe preceder
Full moon or new moon e.g.40 ÷ 4
Hopscotch actionLittle ___ Peep
What a sunbather seeks'Silly Rabbit, ____ are for kids'
A legally-binding agreementIt spans the river
AncientFemale servant
Event at Gettysburg or HastingsSend via FedEx
Jackie Chan nationalityCashiers at the grocery store

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