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Can you name the answers below that have a common link?

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Where the Dodgers used to play
Make a picture or pull a gun in a shootout
Type of Falcon in Star Wars?
Largest university in D.C.
Bengal or Biscay
Jack who wrote 'Call of the Wild'
NFL quarterback Newton;
or a suffix with spy or Web
Harbor where the USS Arizona Memorial lies
The Sydney Opera House overlooks
this body of water
One has to pay this to drive on a turnpike
Strait that runs through Istanbul, Turkey
Sistine or Christine
A type of wagon or a word that describes the Beatles' version of 'Twist & Shout'
Napoleon's last hurrah
Opposite of expand
Curious George, Abu, Mojo, or Gleek
Disciplinary action by a school or sports league
Alliterative American poet who wrote
'Leaves of Grass'
What someone with a flat foot lacks
Person on a sidewalk or crosswalk
100th anniversary celebration
What the people of Babel tried to construct in the book of Genesis
Director Polanski who directed 'Chinatown'
Waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
Comes after Switzer, Disney or Never Never
Word that can follow any of the above answers

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