Word Ladder: Dog Commands

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Can you name the four-letter words in this word ladder about dog commands?

Updated Jul 8, 2012

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Advance, or a dog command with [rung 5]1
Where the reaction takes place in a nuclear reactor2
Couldn't ____ less3
Bunny cousin4
In this place, or a dog command with [rung 1]5
Group of cattle6
Listen to7
Back of the foot, or a dog command8
Devil's domain9
Dinner bread, or a dog command with [rung 46]12
Admittance over a bridge13
Type of belt14
Bugs, Mickey or Scooby e.g.15
Paint the ____ red16
Duck feathers, or a dog command17
What Aurora means18
Good place to play croquet19
Scottish miss21
Catholic service22
Tenn. neighbor23
Gene Simmons' band, or a dog command24
Little ones25
Actions at auctions26
They give women support28
Donkey utterance29
Talk to God30
Stage production, or a dog command with [rung 37]31
Put to death32
'Don't go!,' or a dog command33
Eminem's (fictional) biggest fan34
John and Yoko's son35
Martin of the Rat Pack36
Lifeless, or a dog command with [rung 31]37
Document for land ownership38
Provide a meal39
Made off like a fugitive40
Show off your muscles41
'I'll take Potent Potables for $200, ____'42
One of the Baldwin brothers43
'Voulez-vous coucher ____ moi'44
Declare with confidence45
Finished, or a dog command with [rung 12]46

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