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Can you name the following answers that contain the word 'truth'?

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Famous line of the Declaration of Independence
Al Gore documentary
Catchphrase popularized by Superman
African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist of the 19th century
Game show where a celebrity panel must identify the real person over two impostors
2009 Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl film
New Mexico town that named itself after a 1950s NBC radio program
Jesus said, 'I am the way...' (John 14:6)
Col. Jessep's famous line in 'A Few Good Men'
Plain, 'stripped down' facts
Fundamental Buddhist teachings that relate to suffering
Syfy television series that investigates paranormal activity
X-Files tagline
According to international law, use of this drug to obtain information is considered torture
Fantasy series by Terry Goodkind
US law that protects consumers by requiring disclosure on credit transactions (TILA)
Bishop Desmond Tutu chaired this committee after the abolition of apartheid
Merriam-Webster's 2006 Word of the Year coined by Stephen Colbert
Last part of a courtroom oath
Opening song of Disney's Hercules
Popular game played at slumber parties
Partially true statement
'Real events are harder to believe than invented stories.'

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