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Can you combine the two missing words in each row to create a Gen. 1 Pokemon?

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Draw a line in the ____The Taming of the ____
Bread-and-____Live ___ or die
The whole ____ yardsDead men tell no ____
Big ___ (McDonald's burger)A ___, skip and a jump
____ Eye Movement (REM)___ Wednesday
Every ___ for himselfUnder lock and ____
____ and steady wins the raceTo ____ fun at someone
____ whackerJohn __ Carré
____-shockedJames Van ___ Beek
You could hear a ___ dropBravely Bold ___ Robin
'I never ___ _ man I didn't
Like two peas in a ___
Pi, rho, sigma, ___, upsilonSigur ___ (band)
Dead ___ ScrollsMartin Luther ____, Jr.
Puff the Magic ____Vanish into thin ___
___ in one's bonnetBoot camp ____ sergeant
___ Prizm (car)'____, Where's My Car?'
A ____ of a different colorFlat as _ pancake
President-____ (pre-inauguration)'...and the horse you ___ in on'
The ____ ReaperGit '__ done!
____ sci (college class)Star Trek II: The ____ of Khan
Treble or bass ____ Ready, willing and ____
____ Minister of the UKThe Great Grape ___ Show

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