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Can you name the four-letter answers to this word ladder about Star Trek (2009)?

Quiz Updated Oct 4, 2016

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ClueAnswer #
With [rung 8], actor who plays [rung 17]1
____-a-brac (miscellaneous items)2
Charlie Chaplin was one3
It's used to lure prey4
Homer and Marge's firstborn5
Batman's nemesis in 'The Dark Knight Rises'7
With [rung 1], actor who plays [rung 17]8
Where Jesus turned water to wine9
'Money ____ buy happiness'10
With [rung 28], Star Trek protagonist,
played by [rung 23]
Part of a bullfighter's costume12
The 'C' of TLC13
Hallmark product14
The ____ Dog, Andy's nickname on 'The Office'15
Trekkie, e.g.16
Star Trek villain played by [rung 1]+[rung 8]17
ClueAnswer #
Someone who saves lives18
The buck stops ____19
Animal at Alice's tea party20
Take the skin off fruit21
Window part22
Actor who plays [rung 11]+[rung 28]23
Captain of the USS Enterprise tortured by [rung 17]24
Barrier against a flood25
Very serious26
NBA MVP Nowitzki27
With [rung 11], Star Trek protagonist,
played by [rung 23]
Soccer action29
Country bumpkin30
Tom Sawyer's friend31
You wouldn't like this guy when he's angry32
Online TV streaming site33
USS Enterprise helmsman34

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