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Can you name the things that have the initials H.S.?

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Father of Bart, Lisa and Maggie
Setting for 'Sixteen Candles' and 'Mean Girls'
Game show combining celebrities with tic-tac-toe
Central government of the Roman Catholic Church
It means 'wise man' in Latin
Emperor of Ethiopia in the mid-20th century
Chemical compound that smells like rotten eggs
Top of the list in an arcade game
Member of the Trinity
Something a germ-freak might keep handy
He was sought by Greedo and Boba Fett
Nickname for Indiana
Use this to add some kick to your burrito
She played a boy and a boxer and won an Oscar for both
US cabinet department created in the wake of 9/11
Like many a box on Valentine's Day
Rhyming song from The Beatles' White Album
Protest by fasting

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