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Can you name the first names from the following clues?

Updated May 25, 2012

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Switzerland's capitalRocks, in a drink
What fire providesThe 'H' of HMS, currently
German 'yes'Corn on the ___
Mark cattleLight switch position
It's mightier than the swordRun off to get married
Sedan or convertibleMember of the Trinity
Wine, in FrenchHundredth of a dollar
Burn on the grillFib
Not spicyColor of rage
Little Red Riding Hood's deceiverCrips or Bloods
Stories passed down through generationsHawaiian garland
Neighbor of Ind. and Wisc. (abbrev.)Rival of Vogue Magazine
Where a judge presidesNo vote
Bale on a farmFamily room
Shaft of sunlightWade across a river
Opposite of noirMasculine pronoun
Berlin's came down in 1989It beats the king
Pro's oppositeBatter's posture
U.S. currency (abbrev.)Minerals that can be refined
Start of a magician's cryWhat goes with green eggs
Ma's partner____ or treat!
The Red PlanetCorridor; or a room in Cluedo
RhythmTeriyaki side
Where kids may go in the summerIt signals the end of class
Pigeon's soundPart of m.p.h.
__ Captain! My Captain!Largest internal organ
Alternative to iron, in golfWhat to do with oars
12-___ programEgg layer
Feature that gave Al Capone his nicknameDo-over, in tennis
Victories2,000 pounds
Goulash or chili con carneSculpture and paintings
Country between Niger and SudanPart of a candle
___ Beta KappaChapStick target

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