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Can you name the fictional characters from the given clues?

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Word after Sloppy or G.I.The 'F' of TGIF
Diminish to nothingWok or skillet
One who observes and evaluates athletic talentCommon songbird
Tire-changing needCommon songbird
NCAA Tournament monthLoser to the tortoise
The 'J' of KJV
(Bible translation)
Debt security issued by the government
Rank below GeneralKind of gas first used in WWI
Male catSmooth-talking con man in LOST
Herr or signore (abbr.)London park divided by the Serpentine
Kind of goat or clubMayflower voyager
Stephen King's first published novel1970's Steelers QB Terry
Capital of TexasSolar and hydroelectric e.g.
Broadway awardHighest female singing voice
He sold the Louisiana Territory to JeffersonAlfred Nobel invention
'90s sitcom in which the main character came out'Believe It or Not!' collector of bizarre facts
Iowa's nicknamePuncture
Youngest of Jacob's 12 sonsSomething to push on a controller
Largest city in AustraliaContainer for milk or eggs
Uncle who personifies the United StatesCommon gardening tool
Bullwinkle's partnerFirst European to see the Pacific Ocean
Like Clifford the Red DogRemus, to Romulus; or Cain, to Abel
Home to the HoosiersTommy Lee or James Earl
Singer of 'Tomorrow'Campus building
Fail to hitType of bank for a child
'A boy's best friend is his ____'Maverick's partner in
'Top Gun'
Half of the Dynamic DuoIt covers the engine
Most common Irish surnameUPS color
Satellite radio companyWord before hole or widow

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