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Demi Moore plays Hester Prynne in this Nathaniel Hawthorne adaptation1995
Agents K and J solve the mystery of Orion's belt1997
On the submarine USS Alabama, tensions run high when the captain and first officer disagree about their orders1995
Bumbling Inspector Clouseau sets out to capture an infamous jewel thief1963
Tarantino film in which a flight attendant gets caught smuggling gun money1997
The male-dominated world of newscasting gets turned upside down when Veronica Corningstone becomes co-anchor2004
Michael Bay's epic about the events of
December 7, 1941
Emotional story of friendship and love in the South as told by Jessica Tandy in a nursing home1991
A boy befriends a group of bugs who help him get back to New York in this Roald Dahl classic1996
Mr. Fantastic and company return to take on a new foe 2007
Jennifer Connelly is evicted from her home and tries to reclaim it from the new Iranian owners2003
James Bond must stop this villain from carrying out Operation Grand Slam1964
Jean Harlow elopes with a reporter but conflict ensues when each person expects the other is the one whose lifestyle will change1931
Animated Beatles film that shares its name with a song from Revolver1968
Woody Harrelson + Wesley Snipes = Basketball1992
Woody Allen film involving hypnotism set in 1940's New York2001
Two teenage girls discover a mermaid in their beach club's swimming pool 2006
Stanley Kubrick film rated the #2 Most Controversial Film by Enterntainment Weekly1971
Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are sisters who save a stranger when he washes up on the shore of their 1930's Cornish village2004
Hugh Grant plays an auctioneer who unwittingly gets involved with the mob when he proposes to a mobster's daughter1999
Mexican tale of forbidden love in which Tita's emotions transfer to others through her cooking1992
Edward Norton turns to Hannibal Lecter for help to track down a serial killer2002
Cate Blanchett joins the French Resistance during WWII in an effort to find her lost RAF boyfriend2001
Prince's film debut1984

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