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Can you name the four-letter answers to these cheese themed word ladders?

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Cheesy Ladder 1
In cheese making, liquid that is separated from [last rung] 
'____ Doves Cry' 
Small, brown songbird 
Locomotive, in Mexico 
Pegs for Tiger Woods 
Day after Mon. 
Pool sticks 
Gave an actor a signal 
In cheese making, it's separated from [first rung] 
Cheesy Ladder 2
Dutch cheese coated in red wax 
Garden of Eden resident 
'An apple _ ___...' 
Not home 
Go back and forth 
Elite police team 
Stool or chair 
What vegetarians avoid 
Water around a castle 
Chèvre is a term for this type of cheese 
Cheesy Ladder 3
Greek cheese 
Greek letter β 
Dracula portrayer Lugosi 
Orion feature 
Result of a blow to the head 
Disney founder 
'____ Like an Egyptian' 
Pitcher's illegal move 
'I'll be ____' (Terminator line) 
Word that comes after monterey, colby or pepper 
Cheesy Ladder 4
French soft cheese 
One of the Great Lakes 
Holocaust author Wiesel 
'I cannot tell _ ___' 
Came down to earth, like a bird 
Lost traction 
Downhill conveyance in winter 
Ran together, like colors in the laundry 
Roquefort and gorgonzola are this type of cheese 

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