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Can you combine the answer in the left column with the surname of a US president? (see How to Play)

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Ashton Kutcher can't find his vehicle in this filmServed as governor of Georgia
1588 fleet of shipsFirst to live in the White House
Slang for going to bed Ended era of Reconstruction
Paul Bunyan's occupationNicknamed 'Old Hickory'
Afghanistan's second largest cityServed shortest presidency
'Stairway to Heaven' band The Great Emancipator
Partner of oil,
in a restaurant
Second to be assassinated
English charter of 1215 Weighed over 300 lbs
Scope or ListerineElected unanimously
Improvised rapHad 15 children
Winnipeg's provinceUsed the slogan
'Yes we can'
CollarboneServed two nonconsecutive terms
Squirtle, Charmader or PikachuKnown for his famous Doctrine of 1823
Intergovernmental police organizationLed during Mexican-American War
Temper _____
(fit of rage)
Ordered the use of nuclear weapons
Longtime leader of CubaHad three vice presidents
John McClane franchiseAppointed Taft to the Supreme Court
Title for a karate instructorWWII five-star general
Pre-Google search engineSaw the beginning of the Great Depression
Famous Robert Frost poemFaced the Cuban Missile Crisis
Ohio's largest cityDeclared the 'Axis of Evil'
Cigarette ingredientRoaring '20s conservative
Place where garbage is buriedAdmitted California to the Union
Xerox machineSigned Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
Ford Windstar or Chrysler VoyagerSpoke Dutch
Kim Jong-il's countrySurvived a bullet to the chest
Stringed instrument with a twangFirst to be impeached
First oral drug to treat EDLed Union Armies in Civil War
Pepperdine University localeNever married
The Fresh Prince's hip-hop partnerPurchased the Louisiana Territory
Bird that rises from the ashesResigned from the presidency
Country south of TanzaniaPromoted the League of Nations
Ali once known as CassiusWrote the Bill of Rights
Star of 'Grease' and 'Hairspray'Known as
'Old Rough and Ready'
Title for a Sith LordLast to never have a vice president

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