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Can you name the people and things with the initials B.S.?

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Author of 'Dracula'
Malt shop dessert invented in Latrobe, PA
'Twilight' protagonist
Assets = Liabilities + Equity financial statement
Oscar-winning movie about the 2008 financial crisis
Waterway separating Alaska and Russia
One of the all-time great NFL running backs
Merit badge earner
Diabetics must keep this level in check
He played Greg Focker
She played Rozalin Focker, Greg's mom
Ozzy Osbourne's band
Maryland's largest newspaper
Statistical summary of a baseball game
Label on the back of a car e.g. Dog is my co-pilot
Ferris Bueller teacher (anybody? anybody?)
Oops! She did it again
Midweek meeting at a church, perhaps
Host of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games
Alternate name for Notorious B.I.G.
Common ingredient in stir fry
'Full House' dad
New York hockey team
Area outside of the driver's field of vision
Where Sherlock Holmes lives
Vampire slayer of film and TV
In Ireland, people kiss this upside down
Prank caller of Moe's Tavern
He was 'Born to Run' and 'Born in the U.S.A.'
Key ingredient in a homemade volcano science project

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