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Can you name the famous men who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout?

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ClueEagle Scout
Actor who voted for Pedro and
figure skated with Will Ferrell
He succeeded Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City
Founder of Scientology
Apollo 11 commander who
landed on the moon
Apollo 13 commander who ran into a problem preventing him from landing on the moon
Creator of comic strip 'Fox Trot'
He lost to George Bush in the
1988 presidential election
He lost to Bill Clinton in the
1992 and 1996 presidential elections
U.S. Supreme Court Justice
appointed by Bill Clinton
New York Knick who ran for President in 2000
Renowned researcher in human sexuality and one of the earliest Eagle Scouts
ClueEagle Scout
Director of 'Dune' and 'Blue Velvet'
Highest-grossing director in history with
$8.5 billion worldwide
Documentary director who first gained fame with 'Roger & Me'
Only U.S. President born a King (died in 2006)
Bestselling adventure novelist and
marine archaeologist
Hawaiian-born center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies
Controversial Cleveland Indians outfielder who led the league in home runs in 1995
Secretary of Defense under Bush and Obama
Secretary of Defense under Bush
who preceded above
Record-breaking aviator who went missing over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 2007

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