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Can you name these 311 songs by lyric (from their 1993 album Music through 2004's Greatest Hits '93-'03)?

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Forced Order
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Sometimes things that you're scorned for, you should be adored for.Evolver
You can't stop entropy, so why even try? Observe the conscious flow, and don't mystify.Soundsystem
I do not care what you do, I always screw up.Grassroots
One more time, groove on the line, chills up my spine, ready, rewind.From Chaos
It's gone if you blink, I can see it as soon as you think it.Transistor
Carry on and you won't feel withdrawn, even if you're coming down.Evolver
One thing I can say as a piece of advice: Don't believe it 'til you see it, and then see it twice.Transistor
Smooth like Reggis Miller in an airborne freeze frame, funky like the kung-fu that can put you to shame.311
Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am fun again.Greatest Hits: '93-'03
I said the people are starving, but your money's running.Soundsystem
All we comin' with is a little bit of swing, and we go on like it ain't no thing.Grassroots
I'm slippin' into darkness, I'm creepin' into darkness. I don't want to start this, I'm attracted to the darkness.Transistor
Won't be havin' none of your mind control, it ain't gonna work on me no more.From Chaos
Freely disconnected, I'm truly grateful I'm going back to the Earth, I'm not gonna waste life being hateful.Music
What if it were true that you weren't so blue?Evolver
This is all pure fiction, you know that's right. Just pure fiction, that's all right.311
I would be a liar if I said I was inspired, nothin' to say but that's okay.Music
You will be immortal man, one in the hand.Soundsystem
Challenge comes and goes, and there will be another. I say bring it on.Grassroots
Everything is a choice, so let me hear your voice.Evolver
The tongue from which it was sung was so dumb, I wish to pull it from my skull.Transistor
Somehow, somewhere, you won't be repaid with a blank stare.Soundsystem
We bunched in a little house where conditions got squalid, but where we at now -- solid.311
You're a star creator, soul craft generator. Movin' through time and space, son you're a liberator.Transistor
If you don't have someone to do it with, it's not worth doing.Music
Hey, don't break the mold, kid. Just eat around it, yeah that's what I did.311
Burn me once, shame on thee. But burn me again, shame on me.From Chaos
And you can do as you feel, as long as you move.Transistor
Feel what I mean, look into my eyes and know I'm trying to come clean.Evolver
Ever you do, ever you think, whether you're brown or you're pink.Grassroots
Sick sick bit, got to have it, like bustin' in on a session but you got to call it quits.311
I'd like to be known as a great communicator. If you got beef, don't save it for later.Soundsystem
The songs I sing, they don't mean a thing if you're not there to hear it.Music
Only thing that matters if it's funky to you, you got a choice of what you can do.Transistor
Come along, if you dare. It's gonna be that you're scared.Evolver
My mic check is giving me electric company, I can't see the high wide sky or stars above me.Grassroots
You could make a mean hand out of what you've been dealt. 311 on wax, wax on felt.Soundsystem
I watch the birds of pray that hunt the canyon below my house.311
Yes, I still remember you in a way that you'd want me to.Transistor
I feel the fuel rushing through my veins, it's a burning flame.Greatest Hits: '93-'03
Long time did I run down like that. I would have three years ago today but not now, it's not like that.Grassroots
I drift away but you pull me in. I’m the ocean, you’re the moon.Evolver
Yo, I got to say 'hola', Orange County to Angola.Transistor
Ignorance is bliss to those uneducated.From Chaos
Let it be known that I'm in the zone, and whatever I need, I just pick up the phone.311
Would everybody just look at the hook, I took it straight from my brain. Reminds me of the time I was insane.Music
Unpredictable my erratic demeanor, bobbing and weaving as my mind gets leaner.Soundsystem
One thing I've got to say before sales dive: stay positive and love your life.Transistor
I hate to be alone. There comes a time to reap what you've sown.Grassroots
Rebellion done for its own sake does not a true free thinker make.Evolver
You're crying 'bout your life, I think it is absurd. What could be so bad? You come from the suburbs.From Chaos
How could something well-guided turn out to be divisive?Evolver
[instrumental, no lyrics]Transistor
Not like this have you seen such green, a spot like this becomes serene.311
Because livin' when you're hungry is a dog in an alley, Now I mind my business 'cuz I'm rhyming down in Cali.Music
When we're on the road, P-Nut rolls it up.Grassroots
I'm feeling it right now, in this the gold hour.Soundsystem
I don't mean to brag and I don't mean to boast, but I am the guy could that give you the most.311
You make my heart accelerate and I'm onto it.From Chaos
From the mysterious blue planet, we can breathe anywhere: underwater, outer space, and in L.A.Transistor
These are 311 characters I've dubbed everyone.311
What makes me act the way I do, and why am I asking you?Evolver
Swimming through the darkness I'm a ghostly shark, developing like a photograph slowly in the dark.Grassroots
Just f**k the has-beens and their stupid-ass rappin', promising bullsh*t you can't come through with.Music
Some people need to get the axing. Chalk it up to bad luck.Transistor
But at twenty years of age, in frolic and in rage, I will see it through in time.From Chaos
Look at what you're facing, placing blame in every direction, but in the end it's your own infection.Soundsystem
But every time I turn the volume down, all I hear is the deafening sound of your heart's pound.Transistor
Oh God, I can't believe it, you have asked and so you shall receive it in the ear.Music
You might think he's a jester, because he'll make you laugh 'til you cry.From Chaos
Step into the realm, what you gonna do, give the party people something to listen to.311
To the dastardly bastardly plans of little mice and men, ugly rears its head and speaks from now and then.Grassroots
Massive laminate fortress, hazy cannabis porches.Transistor
Remembering what you once had told me hit home, and hasn't it always been so?Music
Cursed consciousness, it's your private hell.Soundsystem
Don't give up your independence, unless it feels so right.From Chaos
You gotta have it, you got-gots to have it.Transistor
Lost in a barrel of wine and whining, snared in a trap of your own designing.Evolver
My eyes open, I'm just hopin' you feel the same as me.Grassroots
Just take a moment to have a fit once in a while. You know, you know, I do it daily and I like it, but that's my style.Music
Free energy has been harnessed. We don't use it. Why? 'Cuz the technique's been suppressed.Transistor
Sit up on top of the rhythm like a wild stallion, this is the ruling system.Soundsystem
I bet you light up when we start the show, follow me now very closely 'cuz I told you so.311
You never cease to amaze me, you keep me from going crazy.Greatest Hits: '93-'03
While the masses passes upon their f***in' asses, and if you don't see, get glasses.Grassroots
Everybody grinds to a halt now and then.From Chaos
Stockpile Spaghetti-O's and Cheerios, planning to survive that fallout sh*t.Transistor
You could never get me interested in dreams of wealth myself, my birthday happens to land on April 12th...whack.Music
Ode to a beat-up girl, I know you're out there. Stronger than you think, stand up if you care.311
When I wipe the sleep from my eyes, will my fondest dream please come true?Transistor
So many people don't even attempt to understand the limitless possibilities of man.Soundsystem
Oh, I've been insane, and I won't ever be the same.Grassroots
I know loving me isn't easy. I'm home and next thing, I'm leaving.From Chaos
Slow slow lover rub you down, we don't want no one hurting, don't make a sound.Transistor
It's gettin' hectic, the metrics, the body electric, everybody in worn out blue jeans or tacky dresses.311
From the beginning, radiant energies, music's what I need to keep my sanity.Music
Still in this world, what it means to me, losing my grip as I trip on the anomalies.Transistor
I bet you're feelin' famished for a 311 sandwich.Grassroots
You can't make me hate you, no matter how punk you act.From Chaos
See how we run, it's already begun.Soundsystem

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