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Lyric (Song)PlaceHint
She knows _______ too (Man on Mir)Language
I need my own moon landing, I need a mission to _______ (Snakes & Snakes)Out of this World
But I'm like Columbus in _______ (Next To You)Country
I'm a little all over the shop, like those holy souvenirs from _______, that come all the way from ___ (Next To You)Village in Ireland
I'm a little all over the shop, like those holy souvenirs from ____, that come all the way from _______ (Next To You)Country
Bound For _______ Hill (Song Title)US City
This is a story of an angel, who played poker with the devil, in the _______ (I'll See You Hearth and I'll Raise You Mine)Biblical Place
And I'm a poor soul of _______ (Bad Skin Day)Italian Town
Some say she surfaced as a _______ rose (Amelia)Asian Capital City
She just smiled back at him and said 'I've come from _______' (Amelia)Country
Lyric (Song)PlaceHint
I'm worried about my basil from _______ and new world wine (Light Catches Your Face)Country
In a field in _______, under the welcome rain (Velcro)US State
Like them boys who built _______, no fear of falling, oh it looks so pretty (Nightwatchmen)US State
I'll never run a four minute mile, and that's OK most of the time, never play for _______ or sail around the world alone (4 minute mile)European City
I'll never make a sun powered car, or build sandcastles on _______ (4 Minute Mile)Out of this World
Rolling over _______ Bridge now (Haloumi)NY Borough
_______ Says (Song Title)European Capital
Starlings Over _______ Pier (Song Title)English Town
How dare those _______ folk want to eat more red meat (I Will Follow You)Language
People cry at the strangest things, mine is the _______ national anthem (Motorcades)Language

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