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How much do you really know about the show 7th Heaven?

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What is the name of Kevin & Lucy's child?
Who does Charles (Annie's Father) date and eventually marry after her mother dies?
Who Gets Shot in the Episode 'Johnny Get Your Gun?'
What is the name of the airline that Mary works for?
Who is Kevin Kinkirk's partner at the police force?
What actor played the orphan George's father?
Who is Lucy's first boyfriend?
Which extended family member struggles with alcohol and enters rehab?
Which girlfriend of Simon's has the last name Taylor?
What does Charles Jackson die from?
Who's address is: 2521 Hunter Avenue?
What is the name of the pizza place frequently visited in the show?
What was the name of Dr. Hank & wife Julie's daughter?
What is Ruthie's nickname?
What Gershwin song did Ruthie pick for Simon's Wedding?
QuestionAnswerEpisode Info
Which of Simon's girlfriends works as a janitor?
What previous occupation did guest star Tara Lipinski's Character 'Christine' have?
Who's address is: 527 Alda Road?
What was the name of Ruthie's Imaginary friend?
What actress played Mrs. Gladys Bink?
What was the occupation of Sarah Glass-Camden dad?
What is the name of the pool hall?
How did Billy's mom, Wilson's son die?
What singing legend plays himself in 'Wayne's World'?
What was the name of the Dragon who was played by Rev. Camden's Ex-Girlfiend?
Who did Carlos Rivera wed?
Which of Matt's girlfriends was hearing impaired?
What was the name of the RV that the Camden's traveled in?
What '10' actress played Mrs. Kinkirk?
Who plays the 'Colonel' John Camden?

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