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It Was The Best Of Times. You Won't Believe What Else It Was!A Tale of Two Cities
They Told This Guy That He Couldn't Simply Walk Into Mordor. What He Did Next Will Inspire You.Lord of the Rings
First His Uncle Killed His Father, Then Married His Mother. What Happened Next Will Make Your Jaw Drop.Hamlet
What Happened After This Guy Slept With His Mother Is Eyepopping!Oedipus Rex
This Poor, Disabled Man Just Wanted To Pet Some Rabbits. Your Heart Will Break At What Happens Next...Of Mice and Men
CLICK HERE To Find Out How Many Other Readers Acknowledge That A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune, Must Be In Want Of A Wife.Pride and Prejudice
Find Out What Dark Secrets The Covered Bridges In This One Weird County Hold!The Bridges of Madison County
The Bishop of Digne had 24,601 Reasons Not To Help the Unemployed Convict Stealing His Candlesticks. What Happens Next Is Epic.Les Miserables
One Weird Trick to Stop Having to Fly Bomber Missions!Catch-22
Tortured By A Twisted Government, This Sad Droog Can No Longer Enjoy His Favorite Hobby: UltraviolenceA Clockwork Orange
This Man Couldn't Stop Thinking About His Childhood Sweetheart. What He Did When He Became Stepfather To A Girl Who Resembled Her Will Shock You!Lolita
The Percentage Of People Who Poop Will Astonish YouEverybody Poops
Trapped By A King's Death Sentence, See How This Girl Saves Her Own Life - 1001 Times!1001 Arabian Nights
The Consequences Of This Russian Civil Servant's Infidelity Will Change The Way You Think About Trains Forever.Anna Karenina
You Won't Understand How This Irishman Spends His Day!Ulysses
Headline Title % Correct
This Broke Student Robbed and Axe-Murdered a Pawn-Broker. What Happens When He Meets a Shy Prostitute Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.Crime and Punishment
Try Them, Try Them, and You May: Page 40 Will Completely Change the Way You Think About BreakfastGreen Eggs and Ham
You Won't BELIEVE What This Traveling Salesman Turns Into, And You'll Be Shocked At How His Family Treats Him.The Metamorphosis
What This Man Did To Get Home Will Astonish You!The Odyssey
These Siblings Were Locked In An Attic And Given Poisoned Doughnuts. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.Flowers in the Attic
This Insect's Triumph Over An Eating Disorder Will Leave You In Tears.The Very Hungry Caterpillar
You Won't Believe What This Bald Chick Got Her Husband For Christmas!The Gift of the Magi
This Brahmin Prince Achieves Enlightenment Using Only a River And This One Weird Trick.Siddhartha
You Won't Believe What Happened After This Herdsman Was Asked To Judge A Beauty Contest!The Iliad
Local Housewife Hated Her Wallpaper, Find Out Her One Weird Trick For Redecorating!The Yellow Wallpaper
The King of Uruk Befriended This Homeless Man. What Happened Next Was Epic.The Epic of Gilgamesh
You Won't Believe What Happens After One Man Smells A Lemon Cookie...Remembrance of Things Past
How Did One Family's Legal Bills Become Bigger Than Their Entire Estate? The Answer Will Amaze You!Bleak House
You Won't Believe How Much Extra Room One Family Found In Their New HouseHouse of Leaves
This Spaceship Ignored His Distress Signal And Left Him For Dead. What He Did Next Will Shock You!The Stars My Destination
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