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QUIZ: Can you name the Psychology Research Methods ?

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Can you name the different research term
The only method that can show cause and effect
When everyone in a sample has an equal chance of being chosen to participate
When neither the subject or researcher knows what condition they are in
Describing exactly how you will measure each variable; a set value for each varialbe
Research that answers a question of interest but has no direct application
The benefit of this type of research is that it has high ecological validity
Tells you how far away a score is from the mean in units of standard deviation
If a test measures what it is supposed to measure it has high ___________
Can you name the different research term
Tells us whether the difference between the experimental and control group is meaningful
When participants behavior changes just because they are being observed
Percentage of scores that fall between 2 s.d.'s of the mean in the normal curve
Drawback of this type of study is that results cannot be applied to the general population
Subtle hints about the purpose of the study that participants pick up on
The group in an experiment that does not have access to the independent variable
Type of study that shows how two factors relate to one another

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