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Who won it last year (2011)?He also won it in 2008, and she has a daughter named Jada
Where is it played?The second most populous city in Australia
What are the names of main two arenas that are used in this tournament?One of them is named after retired Australian tennis player
Who played the longest match in history of Australian Open (played in 2009)?Both are Spanish, and it was a semifinal
When was it first played?9 years before the beginning of World War I
Who are the only players that won AO both on Rebound Ace and Plexicushion Prestige surface?The Rebound Ace surface was changed with Plexicushion Prestige surface in 2008
Who won Australian Open the most times (after 1969)? Two men share the record, one is from Switzerland and second is from USA, and the woman holding the record is also American
And who won it the most times before 1969?He was born in Blackbutt, Queensland, and she was born in in Albury, New South Wales
How many times did Federer win it?Djokovic has same number of Grand Slams at the end of 2011
Did you like the quiz?It was easy! :D

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