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Forced Order
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Album Title MashupArtist
Surprise! The Rhythm of Rhymin' Hearts
Passion: Thick Minstrel in the Wood
Vagabond Blondes on the Town: Fancy Free
Bombs! Here We Come, Dead Meat
Load the Lightning, Magnetic Master
Physical Presence of the Holy
Orange Blossom, Blue Guitar, Rockabilly American
Gifted Lady Never Loved Zoomin'
Electric Shotgun Stranger and Paul
May You Run Nowhere on the Beach
Album Title MashupArtist
Long Run on the Border, Long Road
Look: My Love, Just Your Baby
Anthem of the Dead Beauty in the Dark
Next Departure: Escape Frontiers
Messed Up Satellite Too Far to Fight
Steady Shove, Tragic Return
Tunnel Darkness Wrecking Town
Invisible Lamb Tail by the Pound
Dirty Goat Fingers Banquet
Adios! Leave the Century Rocket

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