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QuestionDo you know??!
What ocean did the Tlingit live on the coast of?
What was the name of the first mission to successfully land on Mars?
True or false: S.O.S. originally stood for Save Our Ships.
What team game played today was invented hundreds of years ago by Native American tribes?
How many moons does Mars have?
Scientists believe it rains what precious gems on Neptune?
What moon in our solar system has an atmosphere?
About how many million miles is the Earth from the Sun? 15, 93, 393?
What type of dwelling is most associated with the Iroquois?
When writing speech, do you put ending punctuation inside or outside the quotation marks?
What is the last paragraph of an essay called?
The Sioux made tipis mostly made out of what animal hide?
When you add the digits of the products of 9, what do you get?
True or false: the Great Wall of China is one of the Ancient Wonders of the World.
What do you call a comparison using 'like' or 'as'?
What is the plural of melody?
What two word math term is this an example of? 32 x 6 = (30 x 6) + (2 x 6)
Which planet in our solar system is the hottest?
What is the part of speech called that links two complete sentences?
What is the plural of wolf?
How many AUs (Astronomical Units) is the Earth from the sun?
QuestionDo you know??!
What continent is Kenya in?
How many days does it take a chicken egg to hatch?
What is the square root of 16?
What do you call a noun that is a name or brand that gets capitalized?
What is the product of anything times zero?
Two thirds is equal to four what?
About how many Earth years does it take Jupiter to orbit the sun? 5 years, 12 years, 19 years?
What poetry form has three lines and 17 syllables?
What mythical man scares badly behaving children in Iroquois culture?
What do you call the explosion at the end of a star's life?
True or false: the Great Wall of China was partly held together with sticky rice.
What fraction of the Earth's gravity does the moon have? One ______
What punction mark comes between a speech verb and the dialogue in a sentence?
What part of speech modifies a verb or an adjective?
What is the opposite of synonym?
True or false: China borders India.
What kind of average do you get when you add the values and divide by the number of values?
What part of speech is 'very,' as in That shirt is very nice?
What is the capital of China?
What did the Inuit hang inside their igloos to make them warmer?
What punctuation mark comes before the s in a possessive noun?

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