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Can you find the words hidden in the sentences?

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SentenceHidden WordNumber of letters
In all, I only have one worry, and that's nocturnal predators.4 letters
This camping trip could be a really interesting experience.4 letters
You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear -- or can you?4 letters
Private Lykos is off-base and has gone AWOL-- find him before the MPs do!4 letters
I know where to find a buried treasure -- fifty thousand in gold.5 letters
SentenceHidden WordNumber of letters
I believe I can see a gleam in your eye -- are you planning something?5 letters
My friend Jacob rang my doorbell bell repeatedly, but no one heard him.5 letters
The Berliner tried to look polite when the tourist kept speaking in really bad German.6 letters
I was stranded on a desert island, so when I saw the ship, I ran happily toward the beach.7 letters
What do all the words have in common?

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