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Ttakji KingMember
Usually wears red in individual racesMember
Dumb and DumberGuest
Cha ConcubineGuest
Game DevilGuest
One chance, beat the masterGuest
Virus, first to get infectedMember
Yoo Jae Suk partner in Episode 112Guest
Kang HeegunMember
Person who picked Snake card in Episode 127Member
Same-age FriendsMember
Jae Suk suffered a lot carrying this personGuest
CSI, the BossGuest
Musical FairyGuest
Double DaggersGuest
Taller than KwangsooGuest
Dream TeamGuest
The one who tore Kim Jongkook's nametag in first RM Team vs Idol TeamGuest
We miss her so muchGuest
Last survivor in Green Team in Episode 128Guest
Actor TeamGuest
Haha: Jiyong-ah, where is xxx?Guest
Gary: Sun!Guest
Final 2 in Episode 112: YJS and xxxGuest
In Episode 111, the guest whose nametag was torn on the bus by Dong Wan FD.Guest
First idol to lose to JSJGuest
4 Killers' BossGuest
In Episode 108, xxx: 'I love you.'Guest
The one who posted on Twitter that he was a RM guest.Guest
Grasshopper HuntingGuest
KJK best friend (excluding Cha Taehyun)Guest
Liked by LKSGuest
Rabbit in Episode 141Guest
Panda in Episode 141Guest
Easy songGuest
The BeastGuest
Guest who came most number of timesGuest
'Female version of Choi Minsoo'Guest
Red pepperGuest
Kim Tak GooGuest

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