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Wonkey eye, joined in year 9, from Blackburn. Who Is It?
Had a spell away from school before returning, blonde, came in on own clothes day only. Who Is It?
Came & left in Lower 6th, had a scrap in the common room, had a horrendous barnet. Who Is It?
Went to primary school with Henry James Woodsford, works at a local nightclub, only got 4 GCSE's. Who Is It ?
Sexually greedy, artistic, had a 2 year relationship. Who Is It?
Once took 5 wickets playing cricket vs KGS, had large moobs, half a thumb. Who Is It?
Noticeably small, joined in year 9, if there's grass on the wicket let's play cricket. Who Is It?
Goosnargh, left in year 9, cracked his rib & continued playing rugby. Who Is It?
Played rugby, left in year 11, was the unfortunate victim of a chair prank. Who Is It?
Came & went in year 8, had an unfortunate mop colour, had a fight outside room 18. Who Is It?
Was pregnant, joined in 1998, mixed race. Who Is It?
Chinese, joined in year 9, left to Kirkham Grammar. Who Is It?
Lives across the pond, left in year 8, attended year 7 Cardiff rugby tour. Who Is It?
Left in year 11, had a boyfriend involved in a butterknife incident, she wasn't a Barbie but she loved dolls. Who Is It?
Came in as Superman one day, lasted one term, frequently engaged in pleasuring activities in lessons. Who Is It?
Typical blonde, went out with Thomas James Broderick, joined in year 7. Who Is It?
Adopted Spaniard, joined in year 5, wore glasses. Who Is It?
A member of the United States, left in year 11, wore glasses. Who Is It?
Has an older boyfriend, left in Lower 6th, undergoing child rearing practices. Who Is It?
Had anything but a cracking barnet, originates from the North East, came & left in year 10. Who Is It?
An adopted Kiwi, came & left in year 7, Noticeably tall. Who Is It?
Southern, general pie muncher, doesn't agree with gym door. Who Is It?
Gormless, surprisingly completed their GCSE's, had a noticeable facial expression. Who Is It?
Came & left in year 7, lived in Preston, from a minority ethnic background. Who Is It?
Year above brown nose, so called rugby god, exited in Upper 6th. Who Is It?
Enjoys fish, chips, peas & gravy, still drives on left hand side but now lives overseas, had poor table manners. Who Is It?
Went to primary school with Jack Francis Clarke, left in year 10, lesbian. Who Is It?
Please don't worry about this person, joined & left in same year, Emilio Arciniega. Who Is It?
Came & left in year 7, had a facial birth mark, same birthday as Jack Clarke. Who Is It?
Lives across the pond, joined in year 4, wore the number 15 shirt. Who Is It?
Sombrero wearer, cuts it fine with a butter knife, suffers from clotting of the blood. Who Is It?
Cricketer, short hair, left in year 10. Who Is It?
The grass isn't always greener on the other side, enjoyed adjusting his barnet, left in Lower 6th. Who Is It?
Compulsive liar, left in year 9, her mother is head mistress of infant school. Who Is It?
Alaska, avid ballet dancer, owned a pony. Who Is It?

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