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LJLAFC Trivia Part 4

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Which Team Won The First Christmas Clash?
Who Scored An Overhead KIck At The Easter Extravaganza?
Who Scored With A Backheel At The Easter Extravaganza?
Who Hosted The After Party At The Summer Sizzler?
What Did The Winners Receive After The Summer Sizzler?
Where did 6 Squad Members Go To On The Club's First Official Tour?
What Was The Name Of Peter Smith's Homemade Ale?
Name The Woman Who Patrols AKS And Does Not Allow Players To Train On The Arena?
At Which Event Did The Lord Himself Make An Appearance?
Which Player Failed To Attend The Summer Sizzler Without Warning?
What Caused Tom Broderick To Leave The Christmas Clash Early?
Which Player Picked Up A Foot Injury At The Easter Extravaganza?
What Animal Was The Unfortunate Victim During A Dart's Game At The Summer Sizzler After Party?
Which Team Won The Summer Sizzler Due To Number Of Goals Scored?
Name The Boy Who Took The Squad Photo After The Easter Extravaganza.
Which Player Refused To Be In That Squad Photo?
Who Wore A Classic Italy Shirt At The Easter Extravaganza?
What Object Was Used As A Table In A Recent Game Of Beer Pong?
What Date Does The Club's Anniversary Fall On?
Who Hosted The First BBQ Of 2014?
Who's Genital Area Was Injured During The Easter Extravaganza Warm Up?

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