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Which Teacher's Room Is Used As The Media Room?
Who Sponsored The Original Goal Of The Day Poll?
What Is the Quote On The Club Plaque?
Which Teacher Is Connected With The Terrace?
Which Teacher Is Connected To The Woodland Area?
Which Teacher Is Connected To The Stand Nearest The Sea?
hich Teacher Is Connected To The Stand With The Stairs?
Name Any One Of Our Alcoholic Sponsors?
Which Player Ran Into The Goal Post?
Which Player Makes Strange Sounds When He Gets Hurt?
Which Player Dives The Most?
Which Player Clears The Danger Most Frequently?
Name A Club Rule?
Who Orchestrates Play?
Who Has Missed The Most Open Goals?
Who Famously Wears Masking Tape On His Right Foot?
Who Is The Dirtiest Player?
Who Is The Inspiration Behind The Club?
Who Sponsored The Original Interviews?
Which Teacher Supplied The Official Kit?
Where Can You Find The Club Archives?

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