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LJLAFC Lanzarote Tour 2014 Special

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What Was The Flight Number From Blackpool To Lanzarote??
At What Exact Time Was The First Pint Consumed On The Tour? ?
Which Card Game Did Josh Introduce At Blackpool Airport??
Josh Dewhurst's Tour Shirt Was Originally Intended For Which Player??
Who Was The Only Player To Consume Alcohol On The Flight??
Which Player Was Isolated From The Squad During The Flight??
Who Recieved The First CO Of The Tour??
And What Was The Punishment??
What Spanish Name Did The Player's Give To All Male's They Encountered On The Tour??
Josh Was The Only Player To Think It was Safe To Do This While In Lanzarote. What Was It??
What Did Josh Controversially Order In The First Bar Of The Tour??
What Was The Name Of The British Man Who Owned The Terrace Bar??
Every Morning, The Squad Bought A Paper. Which Paper Was It??
Jack Suggested The Squad Had A What? This Earned Him His First CO.?
Name The Forbidden Drink On The Tour, Except For A CO.?
Who Were LJLAFC's Opponents In The Official Tour Game??
Name The Player Forced To Join LJLAFC Due To Dale's Injury.?
Who Scored The Only Own Goal Of The Match??
Who Missed The Only Open Goal Of The Match??
LJLAFC Narrowly Lost The Game, What Was The Final Score??
What Was On The Wall In Tekkers Bar That Made The Players Cackle??
What Was The Name Of The Establishment Where The Players Watched The First Half Of The England Game??
What Was In The Shot's That The Player's Consumed During The England Game??
Who Did England Play In That First Game??
Name The Song Josh Was Forced To Sing As A Punishment At Jester's Karaoke Bar.?
What Was The Name Of The First Song That The Players Sang Together At Jester's? (After Year 3000)?
What Song Did Jack Get Stuck In His Head For Days Following The First Night At Jester's??
What Was The Name Of The Town The Squad Stayed In??
Name The Lady Who The Player's Got On Really Well With In The Irish Bar.?
What Activity Did Tepi Partake In On Far Too Many Occasions??
Who Saved Tepi's Life After A Heavy Night Out??
How Much Did Jack Say The Kitchen Table Was Worth In The MTV Cribs Style Apartment Tour??
Name The Most Village Man The Squad Met On Tour.?
What Was The Name Of The Restaurant That Mark Worked At??
What Was Mark's Alter Ego On
What Did Josh Win For Being Named Man Of The Match Against Tekkers Bar??
Which Drinking Game Did The Squad Favour When Pre Drinking??
Which Cocktail Became Legendary During The Tour??
What Did Tepi Drink Out Of That No One Else Did During The Tour??
Who Did England Play On Dale's Birthday??
Where Was The First Strawberry Daiquiri Consumed??
On The Dancefloor, What Was Henry Doing Better Than Everyone Else??
Who Was The Only Player Not To Vomit On The Tour??
Which Fictional Character Did Josh Resemble On The Flat Cap & Pipe Night??
How Many Chinese Restaurants Did The Squad Visit During The Week??
Whilst On The 4 Man Bike, Which Part Of The Bike Came Off??
What Time Did Tepi Wake Up The Morning After Dale's Birthday Night Out??
What Food Was Used For Dale's Birthday 'Cake'??
What Colour Was The Beer Pong Ball??
Complete The Following Lyrics Made Up By Tepi While Singing 'Everlong' At Jester's. 'Breath Out, And Show Your....'?
The Squad Met Two Girls Who Ended Up Going To Puerto Del Carmen With Them. What County Were They From??
In His Drunken State, Jack Incorrectly Claimed They Were From Which County??
At Which Establishment Did The Essex Girls First Lay Eye's On The Lads??
What Was Consumed By The Squad At Half-Time Against Tekkers Bar??
What Did Tepi Get On The Beach??
What Creature Was Crushed Under A Beer Glass Courtesy Of Chris? ?
In Jester's, The Squad Each Had A Shot Of What??
Which Player's Shirt Was Presented To Tekkers Bar Post Game??
How Much Did Each Player Have To Pay For The First Drinks Deal In Puerto Del Carmen??
Which Card Game Was Jack Terrible At??
What Was The Apartment Number That The Squad Stayed In??
On The First Puerto Del Carmen Night, The Lads Met A Couple Of Girls On The Beach. What Country Did They Come From??
Also On That Night, They Met A Male With An Unusual Name. What Was It??
Jack Pulled A 4/10 In Puerto Del Carmen. What Was Her Name??
In The Irish Bar, Each Player Enjoyed A Shot Of What??
Who Accidentally Spashed A Shot Glass In The Irish Bar??
What Colour Was The Braid In Tepi's Hair??
How Many Candle's Were In Dale's Birthday Donut??
What Phrase Ran Up The Centre Of Tepi's Classic England Shirt??
What Word Was Coined By Mark, That Referred To Girls??
Chris Was The Only Player Not To Dress Up As A Village Farmer, Instead He Dressed Up As A What??
To The Squad's Delight, A Football Was Found In The Apartment When They Arrived. Which Country's Flag Was On The Ball??
What Was A Street Salesman Using To Try And Get His Product Out Of A Tree??
What Did Josh Wear On His Head On The Night Of Dale's Birthday??
In The Club's Guestbook Leaving Message, Where Was Touted As The Location For The 2015 Tour??
While Eating Out In Puerto Del Carmen, The Squad Were Served A Disapointing Dessert. What Was It??
What Feature Of Tepi's iPhone Did The Squad Make The Most Of??
What Item Of Clothing Owned By Henry Woodsford, Is Only Worn On Lanzarote Shores??
During Ring Of Fire, In A Categories Round, Which Category Were The Player's Able To Keep Going The Longest??
What Was Henry Forced To Apply To His Sunglasses??
Dale's Birthday Card Was Predominantly What Colour??
Which Brand Sponsored The Official Tour Match Shirts??
Who Was The Last To Book Their Flights??
Whenever A Round Of San Miguel Was Ordered, One Glass Was Always The Odd One Out. What Was Written On This Glass??
What Unusual Dish Did Henry Try As A Starter At La Hacienda??
What Was The Name Of The Waiter That Mark Claimed Needed To Smile More??
To The Squad's Delight, What Came With The Cocktail's At Route 66??
What Was The Lanzarote To Blackpool Flight Number??
Which Player Spent The Entire Flight Home Shivering??
What Product Did The Squad Kindly Leave For The Next Group To Stay In The Apartment??
Which Country Did Tepi Jet Off To With His Dad Just 2 Days After Getting Back From Lanzarote??
Finally, Did The Squad Redefine The Laws Of Village On The Tour??

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