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a once successful bank robber
an up and coming gangbanger
'best friend' of successful bank robber; crazy lunatic
business partner of trevor and michael: the brains of the heists
friend of answer #2; kind of a retard
the CEO of Trevor Philips Industries
meth addict with the mind of a child
film producer; soon retiring
head of the FIB: uses the main protagonists to undermine the IAA
uses (mostly) Franklin to collect cars worth a lot of money
recently released from prison; demands respect from answer #'s 2 and 5
leader of a triad organization; makes a deal with TPI before taking it back
#12 answer's son; cant speak english
agent of actors working on #8's film: ends up getting killed for making the actors stall the progress of the movie
leader of a Mexican narcotic gang: answers #1 and #2 pull down his house
wife of #1 answer; former stripper
'Jizzle'; drugs his father then steals his car
a Fame or Shame contestant
one of #3's safehouses; cousin to #7
works for the FIB; helped answer #1
an Armenian car dealer
a dog
a shrink
friend of #1 and #3; killed in a heist by #20
murdered by #3's shoe; member of the Lost motorcycle gang
helps with the tow truck business because her boyriend cant get off his butt
gives #3 bounty hunter missions
meets all three protagonists; wants to legalize weed
meets all three protagonists; obsessed with physical exercise
#2 aunt; lives with #2 until he gets a new house
works in #3's meth labs
private yoga teacher for the De Santa family
#10's lawyer and assistant; killed by jet engine
high ranking member of the Aztecas; killed by Trevor when he expands his business
#2's ex
a redneck; likes to go hunting
loves to BASE jump; jumps with #2 occasionally
street racer; informs #2 about street races across Los Santos
civil border patrol member; the older of the two
real estate agent;seeks help from #3
civil border patrol member; the younger of the two
member of the Lost; Johnny is her boyfriend
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