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Forced Order
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How many deaths were there altogether in the pilot episode?
When Sherlock meets John for the time in `A Study in Pink` what does he ask him?
What was the Black Lotus trying to get back from the smuglers?
How much was the hair pin worth?
How did Sherlock know that the painting in `The Great Game` was a fake?
Who was the mastermind behind all the games that Sherlock was put through in `The Great Game`?
Who plays Sherlock Holmes in the series?
How do the victims die in `A Study in Pink`?
What happens to Sherlock when he breaks into Soo Lin's apartment?
In `The Blind Banker` what is the Chinese gang called?
What did Jenifer Wilson plant on the murderer for Sherlock to find him?
Who plays Dr. John Watson in the series?
In `The Blind Banker`, what did the first two symbols that John and Sherlock find translate to?
Who was behind all the deaths in `A Study in Pink`?
What did Mycroft want John to do for him?
What is Sherlock's job?
Why did the Black Lotus think that John was Sherlock?
How does John save Sherlock in `A Study in Pink`?
Why does Sherlock shoot the wall with a gun in `The Great Game`?
How many episodes are there in series one?
The episode `A Study in Pink` is an adaptation of which Holmes and Watson case?
The series was shown on what channel?
Where do Sherlock and John live?
What did Moriarty say he would do to Sherlock?

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