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Forced Order
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'Cruel man! didn't I rell you that your crazy jealousy would bring you to grief? where does it hurt you?'
'This will prove a brave kingdom to me, where I shall have my music for nothing'
'Apart from God, no substance can be or be conceived, that is, something which is in itself and is conceived through itself.'
'If one enquires into precisely wherein the greatest good of all consists, which should be the purpose of every system of legislation, one will find that it boils down to 2 princip
'Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.'
'Beyond question Man carries the potentiality for divinity within himself; the path to divinity, if we may call a path what never reaches its goal, is open to him in his senses.'
'That individual is happy who has accommodated his existence to his particular character, will, and arbitrariness, so that he enjoys himself in his existence.'
'Experience is in itself a synthesis of perceptions, whereby the concept which I have obtained by means of a perception is increased through the addition of other prceptions'
'Now, in consequence of all that we have said so far, the unconditional must lie outside nature and outside every natural connection with it.'
'Moreover, I consider that this power of imagining that is in me, insofar as it differs from the power of understanding, is not required for my own essence, that is, the essence of

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