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Can you name the words which are celebrating their anniversary of being in use in English in 2010?

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n. one who traffics in cheese1510
n. the projection of the mammary gland for production of milk1510
n and v. the pattern of the final syllable of words to sound similar, esp. in poetry1610
n. a guard dog, or an organisation which monitors the behaviour of others1610
n. one who makes speeches, an orator1710
n. a small variety of mandarin orange originating from Tangier, Morocco1710
n. a childish term for a cow formed by combining the sound the animal makes with its name1810
n. a mild expression of surprise, especially in British English, derived from a mispronunciation of 'Christ'1910
adj. possessing tactile qualities which mean that the food seems to dissolve when eaten1920
n. industrial action involving working deliberately slower so as to limit productivity1930
n. period of depression after giving birth1940
v. to drink at a number of bars during a single day or evening1950

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