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Can you name the British snack foods by the date they were introduced?

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Year introducedSnackDescription
17th centuryA biscuit often dipped in tea but criticised for its weakness.
1876A sweetmeal biscuit often used for dipping in tea but criticised for the debris it leaves behind.
1905A solid chocolate bar famous for containing 'a glass and a half' of milk.
1908Purple soft drink made from grape, raspberry and blackcurrant.
1911A finger of chocolate filled with three layers of wafer often joined to another one. Have a break, have a...
1920sA pack of unflavoured crisps with a small blue sachet of salt inside so that the consumer can decide the salt levels.
1929Small wheat-based crisps shaped like twigs.
1929A chocolate bar filled with a honeycomb centre. Famous for the slogan 'get that Friday feeling'.
1930A nougat, peanut and caramel chocolate bar. Formerly known as Marathon (until 1990).
1932A chocolate, nougat and caramel bar that helps you work, rest and play.
1932A milk-covered biscuit bar filled with chocolate cream. You should p-p-pick up one sometime.
1935A milk chocolate bar interspersed with bubbles of air.
1936Small balls of honeycomb covered in chocolate. First sold as 'Energy Balls'.
1937Small, 'decapitated cone'-shaped chocolate shells filled with caramel.
1937A small piece of chocolate covered in a coloured sugar coating. Supposedly the blue ones cause hyperactivity.
1948Round, chocolate-covered biscuit with a marshmallow filling.
1948Ring-shaped peppermint mints with a hole.
1950sBritain's biggest manufacturer of potato crisps.
1951A chocolate bar with a filling of desiccated coconut.
Year introducedSnackDescription
1960sPlum jam sandwiched between two round pieces of shortcake with a heart-shaped hole on the top.
1960Small, chewy sweets formerly known as Opal Fruits.
1963Puffed rice covered in toffee and encased in chocolate. Famous for bright orange wrappers.
1967A biscuit finger topped in caramel and covered in chocolate. Formerly known as Raider throughout mainland Europe.
1970sSmall cheese-flavoured biscuits sold especially in pubs.
1970sCorn snacks in the shape of an alien's head, maintaining the price of 10p per pack from their introduction until October 2007.
1970A chocolate double helix structure filled with caramel.
1971A small chocolate 'egg' filled with white and yellow fondant. How do you eat yours?
1973A potato-based snack in the shape of hollow cylinders.
1976A variant on the 'glass and a half' chocolate bar, but with caramel.
1976A thick chocolate bar marketed as being 'not for girls'.
1977A chocolate, wafer, caramel and crisp cereal bar named after a large cat.
1977Corn snacks in the shape of 'monsters'' hands.
1979Instant noodles in a container. Mined in Wales.
1981A chocolate bar with bubbles in it, suspended in 2003 but returned in 2008 due to mass public demand.
1982A stick of spicy, dried pork sausage. It's a bit of an animal.
1983A small ring-shaped biscuit covered in hard, coloured icing.
1984A hybrid of a flapjack and a digestive biscuit praised for its integrity when dipped in tea.

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