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Can you name the features of the world in 1894??

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FactAnswerGill says...
World Population
Form of government
Form of government
World GDP (in modern money, USD)
World's biggest economy
World's 2nd biggest economy
World's 3rd biggest economy
World's 4th biggest economy
World's biggest merchant navy
Most populous British city
Capital of the Netherlands
Population of the United States
Number of US States
Number of US Territories
Chief mineral export of the USA
Chief American port
Most important destination for American goods
Most populous US city
2nd most populous US city
FactAnswerGill says...
3rd most populous US city
Capital of Alaskan Territory
Only independent states in the West Indies
Danish possessions in the Caribbean
Most populous nation in South America
Capital of Bolivia
Main Dutch colony in Oceania
Main export of the Philippines
'Least known piece of land in the world' according to some
Most populous Australian city
Island split between Britain, Germany and the Netherlands
Most populous Chinese city
Chinese vassal state
Chief export of Japan
Station of the British fleet in Japan
Hottest temperature recorded
British colonies in West Africa
Capital of the Slave Coast
Suzerain of the Congo Free State

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