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Can you name the Actors by the Characters they have played?

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Forced Order
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Prince of Troy - a Green Giant - Mossad Officer
a Colonel in Vietnam - President of the USA - an Adventurer
a Dark Knight - Top Agent at ATF - a Dead man
an Illusionist - a Prisoner in Vietnam - a Psychotic Phil Collins fan
a Boxing Coach - a Prisoner in Alcatraz - a Korea Veteran
a Criminal Matermind - a Boxer - a Young Sicilian Mobster
a Midget - a Hooligan/Journalist - a Psycho, eating woman
Sword of God - Gambling Teacher - a Cripple
an Outlaw - a Hard Cop - a Roman Warrior
a Bankrobber - a Driver - a Soccerplayer in Prison
a French Criminal - a CIA agent - a Puppeteer
a Bankrobber - a Butler - a Vigilante
a Small Cowboy - a Cool Detective - Airforce Pilot
a Private Investigator - Irish Mobster - a Widower
a Mobster - a Jew in Veniche - an Advocate
a Psychologist - a Legendary Hitman - an Unbreakable Man
a Teacher - a German Thief - a Judge
a Mobster - a Prison Guard - a Cripple
a Knight - a Russian Mobster - a Man with a secret History
a Green Giant - a Neo Nazi - an Illusionist

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