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Can you name the Favorite movies of Quentin Tarantino since 1992?

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1'If there is any movie that has been made since I am making movies, that I had wanted to make, it is this one.'
2'Woody Allen's'
2'A true Masterpiece'
2'The Greatest Hangout-movie ever made.'
2'One of the greatest scrips ever written for film.'
2'David Fincher's'
2'Starring Ice-Cube and Chris Tucker'
2'Absolutely wonderful Korean Monster-movie.'
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2'Michael Mann's'
2'Chan-wook Park's'
2'Sofia Coppola's'
2'There was a time that this was the official number two, but that was before the sequels came out.'
2'One of the most interesting and complex films on the entire list.'
2'Includes the greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever'
2'My favorite British movie since I am making movies.'
2'There have been few accelaration movies like it.'
2'Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's'
2'A Brilliant retelling of the Superman mathology.'

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