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Can you name the Company of Heroes units (original)?

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American basic unit'A little spark, a little gas and BOOM! Instant barbecue!'
Another basic american unit'When the goin gets tough, call in the riflemen.'
American support unit 1'Grab those belts private!'
American support unit 2'Range and distance confirmed, let´em have it!'
American support unit 3'Who believes in the boogyman?'
Allied Infantry company commander special unit'We're a lean, mean, fightin' machine!'
Allied Airborne company commander special unit'Hope Jerry doesn´t mind us droppin´ in.'
Allied Airborne company commander special weapon dropNo Quotes avaliable
American light vehicleNo Quotes avaliable
American vehicleNo Quotes avaliable
American vehicle'Gased up and good to go.'
American heavy vehicleNo Quotes avaliable
American heavy vehicle (the one with the flamethrower)No Quotes avaliable
Main American heavy vehicleNo Quotes avaliable
Another American heavy vehicle (the massive one)No Quotes avaliable
American heavy vehicle (one that fires multiple rockets)No Quotes avaliable
Allied Infantry company weapon (the thing that kill most vehicles)'1-o-5 ready!'
German basic uniteNo Quotes avaliable
Another basic german unit'If I had know how much walking we'd do I'd have joined the navy.'
German support unit 1MG42
German support unit 2Gr.34 80mm
German support unit 3'Disappearing!'
German Infantry'Those goddamn shermans will open like tin cans now.'
German Elite infantry'Ready for anything, ready for victory!'
German Heavy infantryIf I give you this quote, i might as well give you the answer
Infantry who doesn't really fightNo Quotes avaliable
German light vehicle'Let´s find some Amerikaners.'
German vehicle'Can you drive any faster, Klaus!'
German vehicle'Let's roll out!'
German weapon'Sure we´ll hide this... giant gun.'
German weapon with 6 barrels'Crew! Achtung!'
German heavy vehicle'Only the finest in German Engineering!!'
Modified German heavy vehicle (modified version of the vehicle just above this) 'We will crush them beneath our armored treads.'
Anti aircraft German vehicleNo Quotes avaliable
Another German heavy vehicle'Shall we Crush them, or Shoot them!?'
Another German heavy vehicle'*NAME OF VEHICLE*, ready for service!'
The most powerful heavy vehicle'Pride of the Fatherland.'
This little **** is so annoying!!!No Quotes avaliable

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