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Big Gucci. Trap boys call me Brick Gucci. Dime piece, time piece, got my Swiss movin. Swiss cheese, out a hata if he act foolish. Swizz Beats, Gucci Mane call it trap music. I thin
Indiana Pacers, Marquis Daniels.....Man I feel like Strahan, just won SuperBowl, crowd goin mayhem
Gucci Man for mayor, Gucci Man so player. Reppin East Atlanta, thats 10 minutes from Decatur.
My Phantom sittin on sixes, no 20s in my denim. Your Cutlass motor knockin, because it is a lemon. I like them Georgia peaches, but you look more like a lemon.
See my neck is very dumb. And my girlfriend 21, I know that's kinda young and I only feed her crumbs
Someone dissed me yesterday, what i 'posed to do? Go cry? Put my money chasin, million dollar mission on the side?
White chain, Brett Lane. VVS white rocks. Im a work of art mane, I'll crush yo ice game.
Lookin like Whitney, geekin like Britney. Gucci no hippie, but he stoned like Jimi.
It's Gucci Man and good evenin' dawg, dont need a holliday, i shine for no reason yall.
Im inhalin it, exhalin it. It makes me more intelligent. I feel like Im still mailin it or sendin it. They smellin it. Kush, Purp, Strong Dro, what I need cologn fo?
When we come to the club, we got the choppers on deck and the yoppers on deck.
Hello, my watch yellow, earrings on my beezel
Coca coca coca cola. Yayo bought me err'thang. Yoda yoda bakin soda, cocaine is my girlfriend.
I took 300 out my stash and I went and bought a Phantom. I need some toilet paper on the sh*t in East Atlanta.
Oh, Yous a college girl, be a Gucci girl. Oh, you a Gucci fan, let's go to Gucci Land.
So much ice, I shoulda brought my fur. After the club, I might leave with her.
Call me Gucci Montanna. Gucci girl wit me, Gucci bag, Gucci sandals. She too hot too handle.
Its hilarious, how you're girl is starin kid at all the frozen carrots, dig it? Aint no comparison, the clarity is excellent.
Dont you wanna see da boi, see da boi, see da boi. Come and take a Polaroid. Polaroid, camera flash, camera flash, I see yo ass. Lookin with yo lookin ass, so come and take a camer
Rosay, not beer, toast. Baby say cheers, major ice make ya go burr. Cake so big its like yeah.
So Icey CEO, Im a fool with the snow. They think Im puttin VVS jewels in the coke.

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