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Start QuoteEnd QuoteWho said it? (How many words)
You should see my decoupageDean (4)
Our slutty little Dean (1)
Storm is coming, and you boys and your daddy, you areBobby (6)
What's going on? Bobby (3)
Can I shoot her?Sam (3)
(Sam's word of choice)Sam (1)
Angel or not I will Dean (5)
Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his Dean (1)
(about angels) Most of the ones I've met areDean (3)
Get out of Sam (1)
You know saving people, hunting things. Dean (3)
Dude could you be more gay? Dean (3)
No matter what you hear or what you see. Promise me you won't Dean (4)
People are people because they are Dean (2)
I'm an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and Dean (2)
Don't try and conBobby (4)
We have _____ and we will find you. Sam (1)
(Bobby's word of choice)Bobby (1)
Leprechauns? What? Those things are scaryDean (2)
You fudging touch me again,Dean (4)
You ____ yourselfSam (1)
Yesterday was _____, right? But Today is _____ too.Sam (1)
We are on an actual case involving ______ finally!Dean (1)
Do I look like __________ to you? Bobby (2)
It was ass. It tasted likeDean (1)
Start QuoteEnd QuoteWho said it? (How many words)
If this is my last day on Earth I don't want it to be Dean (2)
On Thursdays we are __________ doctorsDean (2)
Do I look like a _____________ to you?Bobby (3)
(Dean's word of choice)Dean (1)
What the hell?Cas (2)
Sam Winchester cries his way throughSam (1)
Dude you'reDean (1)
I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt, Bobby (1)
I like him, he saysDean (2)
Put a leash on your brother Sam if you want Ruby (3)
Go directly to hell Demon (8)
Zombie ghost orgy huh? well that's it I'm Dean (2)
If you're going to shoot, shoot don'tBobby (1)
Why do these people assume we'reDean (1)
You're bickering like Bobby (4)
Don't make me get my ____, boyBobby (1)
(Cas' word of choice)Cas (1)
You guys don't walk enough you're gonna get Dean (1)
Think it's because we're _______? I think its because we're __________Dean (2)
Don't worry Sammy I won't trade you for Dean (1)
You think family is supposed to make you feel good? Bake you an apple pie? They're supposed to Bobby (3)
She really really wants Sam's intestines on a Ruby (1)
I lost my Sam (1)
Correct me if I'm wrong you willingly signed up to be the Bobby (2)
What do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and Dean (5)

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