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Can you name the highest level Pokemon of each Gym Leader/Elite Four member?

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RBY Gym Leaders
Brock / Rock 
Misty / Water 
Lt. Surge / Electric 
Erika / Grass 
Koga (RB) / Poison 
Koga (Y) / Poison 
Sabrina / Psychic 
Blaine / Fire 
Giovanni / Ground 
RBY Elite Four
Lorelei / Ice 
Bruno (RBY) / Fighting 
Agatha / Ghost 
Lance (Elite Four) / Dragon 
GSC Gym Leaders
Falkner / Flying 
Bugsy / Bug 
Whitney / Normal 
Morty / Ghost 
Chuck / Fighting 
Jasmine / Steel 
Pryce / Ice 
Clair / Dragon 
Janine / Poison 
Blue (Leader) / Various 
GSC Elite Four
Will / Psychic 
Koga (Elite Four) / Poison 
Bruno (GSC) / Fighting 
Karen / Dark 
RSE Gym Leaders
Roxanne / Rock 
Brawly / Fighting 
Wattson / Electric 
Wattson / Electric 
Flannery / Fire 
Norman / Normal 
Winona / Flying 
Tate and Liza / Psychic 
Wallace (Leader) / Water 
Juan (Emerald) / Water 
RSE Elite Four
Sidney / Dark 
Phoebe / Ghost 
Glacia / Ice 
Drake / Dragon 
DPPt Gym Leaders
Roark / Rock 
Gardenia / Grass 
Maylene / Fighting 
Crasher Wake / Water 
Fantina / Ghost 
Byron / Steel 
Candice (Diamond/Pearl) / Ice 
Candice (Platinum) / Ice 
Volkner (Diamond/Pearl) / Electric 
Volkner (Platinum) / Electric 
DPPt Elite Four
Aaron / Bug 
Bertha / Ground 
Flint / Fire 
Lucian / Psychic 
BW Gym Leaders
Cilan, Chili, Cress / Various 
Lenora / Normal 
Burgh / Bug 
Elesa / Electric 
Clay / Ground 
Skyla / Flying 
Brycen / Ice 
Drayden, Iris / Dragon 
BW Elite Four
Shauntal / Ghost 
Marshal / Fighting 
Grimsley / Dark 
Caitlin / Psychic 
Alder / Various 
Blue / Various 
Lance / Dragon 
Steven / Steel 
Wallace (Emerald) / Water 
Cynthia / Various 

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