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Trope DescriptionTrope
A character becomes unusually stupid for a brief time in order to advance the plot. He's carrying the...
The villain's got legions of these nameless, unimportant grunts.
An important item named after a Russian playwright that's shown casually at the beginning and comes in handy toward the end.
Is it just me, or does that building look oddly phallic? I guess...
He seems like an obnoxious jackass, but he's really a...
The author knows he's using a trope, and lets the audience know too.
'It's just a show. I should really just relax.'
It just wasn't as good as the first one. Must be suffering from a case of...
Thought you've outsmarted the villain in all his scheming? Too bad! It's a...
If a character's had enough of their evil ways and joins the good guys, he's said to have committed a...
Trope DescriptionTrope
When you CAN judge a book by its cover, it's...
Fans will make up anything to explain a mystery. Named for a particularly bizarre theory about Lost.
Don't they know garlic doesn't work against werewolves? Man, they must be...
She's nearly perfect in every way, if only because the author makes her so.
A character does something mean or nasty to keep the audience's sympathy toward him in check. Poor Fido.
The villain is not quite defeated, but simply locked up. Don't worry, we'll see him again.
Something didn't quite make sense, but you don't realize it until you're reaching for a Coke and some cold pizza later.
An attempt at drama that tends to cause riotous laughter, or at least an incredulous smile. Named for an unfortunate pronunciation in Six Feet Under.
This. Is. SPORCLE!!
Everybody wants this thing-- so much so, that the plot centers around the pursuit of it. Alfred Hitchcock named this trope.

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