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Unscramble the letters to find the name of the player - Made for KOT4Q and Korzemba!

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Pgr Gela uoe2018 Lakers
haM oRk cinBad Boy!
mmoo utM Dkie ebm bBlock Shot
mmo uAn eDr dnrdBoards
Cr eSh urytBrother!
oe whK aia LdrnDefensive Prowess
th aCml erA onyoDoesn't pass or play defense
suRl lskoo rbWe etsDrove out a snake
Hdr aJe sm aneFear it
rInK iiy egvrFinisher
eKr veSt reHe coaches now
neaq Oh Sll iai uleHe fueled some teams
nn A eJm sesiHe had that one dunk a few years ago, played on the Heat
it Taa Ims hho sHe has a common name, apparently
hs BCo rsi hHe lived millions of years ago, he is now extinct
wya hGHo dro ndraLucky man
mmB eSi nnoMissed entire first year to injury
eesBL onJm arNot many people like this man of power
Par Cush lriProbably likes haircuts
eeO jula wkHa mnoShake Shake Shake
Wlla msii uLoisSixth Man like
seo BEr lde ciSun
okc aJJnoh ssSun
on Ja WlhlThe Great _____ of China
xDoFeraA nTorched Lonzo Ball

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