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Can you name the biomes in Minecraft?

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Snowy with spruce trees and mountains
Flat area with sand and some water
Location of final boss battle
Just a lot of water
Super tall mountains with flat tops
Tall trees with vines, mountains
Tall spruce trees with more small trees in between
Stream of water
Tall land formations, few trees
Small trees with vines, lots of water
Sandy coastlines
Snowy with spruce trees
Acacia trees and huge land formations
Dark area with trees and mountains
Just a lot of ice
Tall trees with vines
Snowy and flat
Lots of oak trees, some birch trees
Flat with flowers
Edge of water, made of stone
Sandy with cacti
Tall birch trees
Spruce trees and no snow, has mountains
Spruce trees, no snow
Lots of lava and fire
Has mycelium on the ground
Edge of mushroom islands
Dyed clay area
Flat with some acacia trees
Super tall land formations
Oak trees and flowers
Tall birch trees with elevation
Dense trees, dark
Tall formations made of gravel or stone
Snowy coastlines
Small trees with vines, mountains and water
Full of birch trees
Hills with flat tops
Tall spruce trees
Super tall formations of gravel or stone
Basically small mountains
Pillars of ice
Flat with tall grass everywhere
Columns of dyed clay
Deep, large areas of water
Stream of ice

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