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Who was the Creator of the Mormon Religion?a. Irish
Who was the first women to address the legislature for cleaning up the prisons and splitting the criminal insane from the mentally insane?b. Drunken, Catholic, Brawlers in cities.
T.S. Arthur’s best seller was named what? c. Hardworking, Literate, Protestant, Farmers in the Midwest.
What was the group of women that shutdown bars called?d. “Alien Rift Raff”
The United States of America was becoming the most diverse nation on Earth, what did people of the time call the United States?e. “The Great American Social Experiment”.
Workers in textile mills and other factories gradually became known as what?f. Samuel Slater
The reform movement went outside the 'Norms' creating what?g. Interchangeable parts
Polygamy was used in what religion for a short period of time? h. Wage Slaves
The Irish were? i. Whipping Rooms
The Mormons founded the Salt Lake City by using what trail?j. Scabs
Workers in Textile mills were motivated in what kind of rooms? *Hint* it isn’t a good room to be in. k. Circuit riding
The market revolution was developed and 'cash markets' gradually replaced what? l. The 2nd Great Awakening/2nd Great awakening
The first wave of major migration to the United States was what Race?m. Mormon
What began with the industrial revolution in England and Europe?n. Joesph Smith
The Pony Express, Well's Fargo Stagecoach and Morse telegraph did what?o. Dorothea Dix
Many “Nativists” viewed immigrants as?p. Cold Water Armies
What was for many social ills including low work productivity, spousal and child abuse etc? q. Alcohol
The Germans were?r. 10 Nights in a Barroom and what I Saw There
Name what this was called. “Preachers spewing old-time religion used personal conversion not predestination”s. Mormon Trail
Whitney had something that would fuel industry, what was this?t. bartering
In result, the what split churches (especially over slavery)? *Hint* This was taken place during the 1830’s and 40’s.u. 'The Great American Economic Experiment'
Who was known as the “Father of the American Industrial Revolution”?v. Perfect societies
Who took the place of workers who went on strike or got sick? w. Connected the East coast to West
Where did the term riding shotgun come from?x. Protecting trains that carried the bank's money
Which two candidates re-established the two party system. One being Democrat and the other being a Whig.y. Self Reliance
What was the name of the essay, written by the Transcendentalism movement that defined 'rugged individualism'? z. (V. Buren and Harrison Whig)

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