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Can you name the Friday Night Weekly original characters?

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Kyle Richards 
Mike Potnek 
Nick Gilson/Jesse Schaefer 
Corey Gibb/Steve Lewitzke 
Chris Ouchie 
Rick Herd 
Prison Posse
Erik Jastrowski/Steve Lewitzke 
Kyle Richards 
Rick Herd 
Chris Ouchie 
Jesse Schaefer 
Clifford Allen/Angel Guardiola 
Professor VanOuchie
Chris Ouchie 
Nick Ouchie/Corey Gibb 
Nick Sefiddashti/Erik Jastrowski 
Cassie Spora 
Rick Herd 
Jesse Schaefer 
The Gerald Not Gerry Show
Mike Potnek/Erik Jastrowski 
Rick Herd 
Jesse Schaefer/Chris Ouchie 
Kyle Richards 
Amanda Laning 
Vince Collura/Corey Gibb 
Alex Binder 
The Udderman Family
Kyle Richards 
Erik Jastrowski/Anthony Tumidajewicz 
Steve Lewitzke 
Rick Herd/Mike Potnek 
Adam Baas/Jesse Schaefer 
Chris Ouchie 
Nick Sefiddashti 
Quinn Hester 
Kyle Richards 
Jesse Schaefer/Erik Jastrowski 
Rick Herd 
Chris Ouchie 
Jesse Schaefer 
Kyle Richards 
Rick Herd 
Rick Herd 
and Jake Woelfel as... 

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