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What episode is kenny's grandpa in?
every one knows it's Butters_____ ____
before Bradley, who was Butters' accountabillibuddy?
what is stan's ninja name?
what song does cartman sing to congress?
who gives butters his first kiss?
what is kenny's father's name?
according to cartman, what are the 3 j's?
what is the name of the boys' rock band?
why did cartman buy so much toilet paper?
who is the first nominee for biggest douche?
who is the fish that guides lemmiwinks?
what is the colonel's one rule?
what is the boys' classmate leeroy's last name?
who is 3rd to last on the girl's list?
what is originally bulrog's power?
what keeps a family together?
who is the lead vamp kid?
how lame would we be without cheezy poofs?
what is the name of the tourettes kid?

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