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Bork is a big one of these.
Green Alyaroth demon.
Dragons made of bronze.
Dragons made of runite.
Elemental creatures. (chaos)
Jungle ogres.
Even bigger one eyes.
Little demons from the Land of Snow.
The lesser of Demonkind
Part Dwarf, Part Ogre.
Powerful black fire breathers.
Undead that patrol Daemonheim puzzles.
Extinct Bandosian creatures. Remains found at Jiggig. Start with F..
A people found in Canifis.
Clever mammals who are fond of bananas.
Type of demon that K'ril is.
Elemental creatures. (fire)
Beings that live in a shooting star.
Chthonian demon from the abyss.
Little black and white birds. I think they're up to something...
Seal-like creatures with large tusks.
Elemental creatures. (water)
A type of dwarf that are almost all gone.
Snowy monsters that live near Rellekka.
Skeletal version of the two-legged dragon.
Undead smelly corpses. Starts with z.
People made from snow, enchanted to life.
Char is one of these.
The nearly extinct followers of Saradomin.
Big brutes from Oo'glog.
An extinct Bandosian creature. Starts with R.
Undead. Not much left. Very thin!
Glod is one of these.
Creature made in Rune Mechanics.
Hovering one-eyes of Daemonheim.
Dwarves who love chaos.
Trolls that live in the rivers.
Trolls that have passed on.
Ghostly hobgoblin.
Very cold dragons.
Dragons made of adamantite.
Cres is one of these.
Warriors of the Ground.
Elemental creatures. (earth)
Type of two-legged dragon.
Race to which Nex belongs.
Very dark demons.
Ghostly pyrefiend.
Very common. A green war-like race.
Tiny creatures from Puro-Puro.
Followers of Armadyl
K'klik is one of these.
Skeletal goblins.
Ghostly cyclops.
Bears of snowy regions.
Ghostly imp.
Strange demons relating to blood.
Demons found in a cave beneath the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede.
People found in the Dream Plane.
The race of Bandos.
Women with fish tails.
Cat with wings and a human head.
Tortured undead.
Ghostly demons.
Powerful demons of Daemonheim.
Big stony guys who eat anything.
Zombie ogres.
Demons in the slayer tower and chaos tunnels.
Thanksgiving birds.
Found in the Stronghold of Player Safety jail.
One of these was singing in the Queen Black Dragon's belly.
Dragons made of steel.
The Queen of Snow is one of these.
A race that is an Elder Artefact.
Elemental creatures. (air)
Icy beings living in the Iceberg.
The race of Guthix.
Bipedal goat-like creatures.
Followers of Tuska.
Undead dragon.
Evil giant created by the Red Axe.
Grimgnash Skullrot is one of these.
Cold Warriors.
Followers of Scabaras.
Ghostly vampyre.
The Ramokee Skinweaver is one of these.
Ghostly human warriors.
Big and Mossy giants.
Half human, half horse.
They're undead. And Transparent.
Big one-eyes.
General Graardor is the last of these.
Powerful beings from Freneskae. Lucien etc.
Solomon (from the General Store) is one of these.
Ghostly goblin.
Ghostly ork.
Dark Undead in the bottom of the stronghold of security.
Ghostly werewolf.
Said to have created dragons.
Found in the Cosmic Entity Plane.
A very cold demon.
Followers of Seren.
Type of TzHaar that do not retain their ancestor's memories.
Therragorn is the last of these.
Giants from the Hills.
Huge and hot.
Modified white dragons.
The most common race on Gielinor.
Slaves of the ogres of Gu'Tanoth.
Guardian of trees in the Enchanted Valley.
Slayer spectres.
The guards of the fairy marketplace.
Lizard creatures who rode dragons.
Green fire breathers.
Underwater ogres.
Live in Daemonheim, part of the Rammernaut Guard.
Dragons made of mithril.
Ghostly icefiend.
Creatures that travel through the void to invade realms.
Massive cold giants.
Creature created in the Tower of Life.
Had a toy workshop beneath Draynor.
Camel creatures with arms.
Skeletal ogres.
Screaming undead.
Live underground. AKA Dorgeshuun.
Trolls that like it cold.
Ugly creatures made of rock.
Little annoying demons.
Servants of the Walrus.
Not actually undead. Feed on flesh. Mindless. Found near Canifis.
Bandosian creatures, with goblin and ogre traits.
Live in the mystical realm of Zanaris.
Food rotters of Mort Myre Swamp.
Live by the Grand Tree. Quite small.
Icy. Live on top of Ice Mountain.
People who prefer underground. Capital is Keldagrim
Bob the Jagex _____
Tree-like creatures.
The inhabitants of Morytania.
Native race of Mazcab.
Nymph from the Lava Flow mine.
The inhabitants of Kethsi. (extinct)
Found in the Nature Grotto.
Elemental creatures. (ice)
Small people who tend farming patches.
Blue fire breathers.
Fiery fiends.
Live in a volcanic city in the Karamjan Volcano.
Watery fiends.
Fiery birds.
Creatures made from earth to serve masters.
Part Man, Part Bull. In the stronghold of security.
Red fire breathers.
Eir is one of these.
Skinless Undead
Elemental creatures. (balance)
Undead found in pyramids.
The greater of Demonkind
Trolls that live in the ocean.
Undead found in Priffdinas.
Small mollusks that possess people.
Dragons made of iron.
People that were born again.
Demons from Barbarian assault.

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