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Can you name the Kingdoms of Middle Earth through all the ages

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Southern Kingdom of the Dunedain
Northern Kingdom of the Dunedain
Realm of the hobbits.
The Lonely Mountain
Eastern Dwarf Kingdom of Dain
The Last Homely House
Kingdom of the Dark Lord Sauron
Realm of the horse lords
Where Elven ships set sail
Iron Kingdom of Morgoth
Kingdom of the Witch-King
Isle of Werewolves
Forest Kingdom ruled by Galadriel & Celeborn
Dark stronghold in Mirkwood
Elven kingdom of Thranduil
Southern enemy of Gondor
City of the Corsairs
Easterling realm directly east of Mordor
Easterling realm northeast of Mordor
Kingdom of Elu Thingol
Hidden Kingdom of Turgon
Stronghold of Finrod Felagund
Dwarven Kingdom in the Misty Mountains
Twin Dwarven Kingdoms in the blue mountains
Fortress of Maedhros
Mountain Fortress at the entrance of Angmar
Pits created by Morgoth when he created orcs.
City built beside the Lonely Mountain
City built on the long lake.
Gondorian fort taken over by the Witch-King

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